Image #3

Porcelain and steam,
hot and sweet.

From hills half
a world away,
to a cafe or your living room.

Liquid sweater,
comfort and a woody smell.

A cup of tea.

-M. C. Danzinger

For Somebody Who I Know

and burning.

You have so many
to say,
important things,
selfless things,
yet nobody wants
to hear
the crackle of your
warm hearth-
blazing and familiar.

The familiar
reminds us of
our faults.

We never want
what we really
when it concerns
what we do not

-M. C. Danzinger

Image #2

Small and wet,
one quarter into the new year.

On the ground and dirty,
your body full of
last Autumn’s leaves.

A puddle in Spring.

-M. C. Danzinger

Image #1

Black lines carved for
black stripes represented.

Silent sounds of a moment
formed in oak and
frozen in time-

Buzzing motionlessly;
eternally approaching a
scentless flower.

Woodcut of a honeybee.

M. C. Danzinger

My Home

My home is lonely;
it’s empty right now.
The lights aren’t on
and everyone is
somewhere else.
(Except me).


i saw

on a motivational speaker’s youtube page

or something like that

that stress

is just

your mind’s interpretation of a neurochemical state

that stress and


are the same as

energy and happiness

but what happens

when you internalize this

and every time you should be on edge

you grin like a stupid idiot?


Some days,
I am midwinter.
I am snowy and

Some days,
I am outer space.
I am empty and

Some days,
I am an icebox.
I am filled up with
inedible food.

Some days,
I am a cup of coffee,
left out too long and
room temperature.



Sometimes you find
people who “get it,”
and it is those people,
in that fleeting moment,
with whom one knows

Not a love romantic,
not a love borne out of the physical,
but a joyful love,
a love of the commonplace and everyday,
it’s a love that proves
our humanity.

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